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    Stephen Treloar It can potentially increase blood plasma levels of Tramadol if you take more after grapefruit as it affects/interferes with the metabolism of the drug. Grapefruit juice decreases the activity of the cytochrome P 3A4 (CYP3A4) enzymes that are responsible for down many drugs and toxins. Grapefruit contains compounds known as furanocoumarins that block the CYP3A4 enzymes. When grapefruit juice is consumed, the enzyme’s ability to break down the drug for elimination is decreased. I'm not sure what the official medical answer is grapefruit juice and Synthroid, but I have never noticed a difference when I drink grapefruit juice vs. any other juice. I know grapefruit juice is a no-no with certain meds (my Mom can't drink it because of one of her post-heart attack medications), but I have never seen any. Don't eat grapefruit while Prograf is one of the first I was told and told many times immediately after transplant. "Do not consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice treatment with Prograf unless your doctor has told you do(sic). Prograf can have a dangerous interaction with grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Mar 09,  · Tramadol is not affected with grapefruit juice. Only some medications like blood pressure meds like verapamil can intensify by Grapefruit juice. Tramadol is not an opiate analgesic but does have. Grapefruit can change the way your body metabolizes many drugs. Because of this effect, you may have more side effects than usual if you take medications with grapefruit. While this effect does not with every drug, it could with tramadol, although drug inserts for the drug do not list this as a possible reaction. Jan 18,  · grapefruit juice will inhibit the production of o-desmethyltramadol; ie, only drink if after the peak and do not drink it regularly if you intend to take tramadol regularly. Consumption one day may lessen the effects of a tramadol dose the day. Drink grapefruit juice AFTER the peak? Jul 17,  · When grapefruit juice blocks the enzyme, it’s easier for the medication to pass from your gut to your bloodstream. Blood levels will rise faster and higher than normal, and in some cases the abnormally high levels can be dangerous. The previous poster was incorrect when he said tramadol is a non-opiate painkiller. Tramadol is a synthetic opiate. Aug 03,  · Grapefruit juice alters the concentrations of many CYP3A substrates. The objective of this study was to examine the effect of grapefruit juice on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral oxycodone in a randomized cross-over study with two phases at an interval of 4 weeks. Twelve healthy.
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