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    Medicare and Bone Density Tests. Bone density tests also referred to as bone mass measurements is a diagnostic test for osteoporosis. It is used to measure bone density and determine the risk of a bone. The test is usually performed a dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) machine that measures the amount of bone in the hip, and. Sep 06,  · Medicare Part B may covers a bone density test, or bone mass measurement test, once every two years if you meet the eligibility requirements below: You are an estrogen-deficient woman at risk for osteoporosis, based on your doctor’s examination and review of your medical history. Computerized tomography bone mineral density study, one or more sites. Note: Code is only to be used on Medicare claims with dates of service prior to July 1, this date, codes G and G replace this code. Bone (Mineral) Density Studies (NCD ): ICD Diagnosis Codes Page 2 of 15 UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Policy Appendix: Applicable Code List Approval 02/12/ Proprietary Information of UnitedHealthcare. These NCD changes are the result of newly available codes, revisions to NCDs released separately, or feedback received. (TN ) (CR) 02/ This Change Request (CR) constitutes a maintenance update of ICD conversions and other updates specific to NCDs. Patients with a bone mineral density t-score of or above will be eligible for one scan every 5 years (item ). Patients with a bone mineral density t-score of less than and above will be eligible for one scan every two years (item ). The Taskforce considers these frequencies to be clinically appropriate. Know what bone density test coverage requirements Medicare has and what costs are covered for osteoporosis. Keep to learn more about options. For these reasons, there may be certain ICD-9 codes that were once considered NCD Bone Mineral Density Studies. FY ICDCM Guidelines – CDC diagnosis codes is required under the Health Insurance Portability and. Jul 01,  · When a bone biopsy is used for bone density measurement, the covered indications are the same as other covered studies. When the service is provided for a non-covered or indication, the appropriate diagnosis code must be submitted as the reason for the service. 3. ICD CM code Z or Z should be reported for women s/p oophorectomy. ICD CM File Size: 36KB.
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