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    Jan 30,  · Modifiers. Coronary Artery, Eye Lid, Side of Body, and Toe. Coronary Artery Modifiers. Append one of the modifiers to identify the coronary artery. Nov 12,  · Right hand, second digit. F7. Right hand, third digit. F8. Right hand, fourth digit. F9. Right hand, fifth digit. Append appropriate modifier to E (Dynamic adjustable extension/flexion device, includes soft interface material). Failure to append appropriate modifier to claim lines with E, E or E will result in a rejection for incorrect. Jun 24,  · Hand and Foot Modifier, E1 - E4, FA - F9, TA - T9 Level II Modifier Description: E1 Upper left, eyelid The MFD value would remain at 1 unit, however, modifiers FA or F may be used to report specific TA or T may be used to report specific toes. 99 Multiple modifiers FA Left hand, thumb F1 Left hand, second digit F2 Left hand, third digit F3 Left hand, fourth digit F4 Left hand, fifth digit F5 Right hand, thumb F6 Right hand, second digit F7 Right hand, third digit F8 Right hand, fourth digit F9 Right hand, fifth digit TA Left foot, great toe T1 Left foot, second digit T2 Left foot, third digit. Claim Status/Patient Eligibility: () 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Claim Corrections: () am to pm CT M-Th. DDE Navigation & Password Reset: () F1- This modifier is used to indicate second (index of left hand. F2- This modifier is used to indicate third digit (long of left hand. F3- This modifier is used to indicate fourth digit of left hand. F4- This modifier is used to indicate fifth digit (small of left hand.
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