• Clomid estrogen priming and antagonist protocol

    The first question is naturally, “which protocol is more likely to deliver a and when investigators looked at the two most popular strategies, “Long Agonist” and “Antagonist,” it became clear both were equally effective in the general IVF population. Below is data collected on over 3, cycles for each protocol approach. Estrogen Protocol: – In conjunction with the Antagonist/Short Protocol, your fertility doctor may advise you to administer an estrogen patch, and possibly a few days of GnRH antagonist, even before day 1 of a cycle. Your doctor may advise fertility pills, such as Clomid. GnRH antagonist protocols have several advantages over GnRH agonists protocols. The number of daily injections are fewer (4 to 5 days) of antagonists versus weeks of agonists) and the length of time to stimulate the follicles to maturity is one or two days . Oct 11,  · Finally, I am already an estrogen prime For my 2 and only IVFs, I did an estrogen prime with antagonist protocol with gonal f and menopur, and I made 6 eggs the first time and 12 eggs the second time. The first cycle was a . I did estrogen with no for this cycle (in addition to several other changes). I do have mild DOR and respond poorly to stims. I had 16 eggs, 10 mature and all 10 fertilized. Transfered a blast and early blast and froze one. 3 IUI with clomid all BFN 8/30IVF#1 Antagonist protocol- ER . Mar 26,  · Estrogen is a protocol used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to facilitate a more gradual and coordinated growth of follicles in the ovary in women with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). Estrogen is administered the luteal phase of the previous menstrual cycle to "prime" the FSH receptors which enhances the response to FSH. I did estrogen after my first Ivf cycle ended in mc to freeze) & my 2nd cycle was canceled bc I wasn't well to stims. So I think I was on estrogen for about a couple weeks then started (antagonist protocol). I wound up with 5 fertilized embryos; transferred two grade A on day got my now 2yo daughter. Froze 3. Dec 19,  · Objectives. We investigated whether luteal estrogen administration and an early follicular hormone antagonist (E/G-ant) protocol improves clinical outcomes in poor responders to controlled ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization (IVF)-embryo transfer, and identified ywsva.xsl.pt by: 4.
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