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    Apr 20,  · AFTERTASTE: Residual taste should be pleasant (not bitter, metallic, or foul). Also present may be afterbite, which is that glow that develops in the mouth (front bite) and throat (back bite) that says this is chili rather than soup or stew. The absence, presence, or level of bite is a matter of personal preference. Categories. 1. Appearance – Chili should look Consider and presentation. 2. Aroma– Chili should smell good. This also indicates what’s in store when you taste it. 3. Consistency– Chili must have a good ratio between sauce, meat, beans, and/or other. Cook-Off Contest Rules. Give each judge a sheet (download ours here) and a pencil. At traditional cook-offs, chillies are judged in five categories: aroma, color, consistency, taste and aftertaste, for a possible total of 50 points. Ask judges to smell the chili first and then look at it. The DC Chili Cook-Off is an annual rock concert sponsored by D.C. / Baltimore, Maryland radio station WWDC (FM).Proceeds from the concert, traditionally held in D.C. in mid-to-late May, are donated to the National Capital Area chapter of the National Kidney ywsva.xsl.pt name originates from the chili competition that used to the event. Oct 30,  · First, we consulted the authorities. The experts at the International Chili Society, or ICS, have a whole laundry list of rules and regulations for how a chili cook-off should be ywsva.xsl.pt host various chili categories and have a somewhat extensive list of criteria for entries and each category. Presented by KISS Country , the 35th annual Chili CookOff is the biggest country music festival & chili competition in South Florida! Meet & Greet with Ryan Griffin. Meet and greet photos with Ryan Griffin at KISS Chili CookOff ! Read More. Aug 31,  · The International Chili Society recognizes four categories for officially sanctioned chili cook offs: red chili, chili verde, salsa and homestyle chili. Judges rate entries on taste, consistency, aroma, color and bite. Categories. Event Types. State. Past Cookoffs. Show Past Cook-offs Apply Filters × Let's Get In order to register for a cook-off, you must be an ICS member and logged into your online portal. Please follow the steps below to LOGIN or to JOIN ICS. We’ll see you on the chili trail! Members. I Don't Know My Login. I Know My.
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