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    Mar 06,  · There are 4 gastric sleeve revision surgery options for inadequate weight loss, weight regain, or persistent side effects: A conversion to a duodenal switch (DS) A conversion to a gastric bypass; Re-sleeve; A conversion to a Lap-Band; Read the sections below to learn more about gastric sleeve revision options. Feb 07,  · There are several types of weight-loss, or bariatric, surgery, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass, also called Roux . Gastric bypass is considered to be the best option for revision procedure after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Consequently gastric bypass re vision surgery quickly solves these issues. Patient can stop medication immediately after revision and research shows that it has effect. Hi, my name is Stef. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in March I had a weight loss of 90lbs now I have struggled with severe GERD for the last 2 years and found out that I have several esophageal ulcers and erosion. My surgeon has convinced me to convert to gastric bypass. I am so nervous on what to expect. Nov 22,  · I recently just had my gastric sleeve converted to the gastric bypass. I was sleeved in April and began to suffer from severe acid reflux along with weekly My surgeon suggested a conversion to the bypass that that would stop the acid reflux and I had the revision surgery on 5/30 right now I'm still on puréed food. Four patients underwent a gastric band prior to the sleeve gastrectomy, and two patients underwent a re-sleeve gastrectomy prior to conversion to a gastric bypass. At a mean follow-up of 24 months (range months), the average body mass index (BMI) decreased to kg/m2 and the excess body mass index loss (EBMIL) was %.Cited by: The mini gastric bypass surgery is a newer procedure, but our highly skilled bariatric surgeons are in an agreement. The mini gastric bypass surgery is probably the best conversion for Gastric Sleeve patients. It is the easiest to perform on and has the highest chances for high expected weight loss.
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