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    People may abuse hydrocodone by more of the drug than prescribed. Some people may snort or smoke the substance. hydrocodone increases the drug’s effects, and heightens a person’s risk of addiction, respiratory infection, and overdose. Mar 02,  · is a perfect way to waste what little hydrocodone you have. The availability of hydro is so much greater when taken orally than smoked. much more will actually get used by your body. People smoke weird shit every day. I don't think it's the most harmful you can do . Aug 16,  · Though and intravenous injection both take a substance to the brain faster than insufflation, these are not common methods of hydrocodone and have a reputation of more dangerous. a drug is no safer than or injection, but many people believe that it is. People who smoke hydrocodone may have paraphernalia in their room or around their house. They may use air fresheners, room deodorizers, perfumes, or fabric cleaners to cover the smells associated with They may develop a chronic cough, their voice may change, or they could have more frequent colds or cases of flu because of lung infections. Oct 23,  · Though hydrocodone is intended to be taken orally, many people will crush up hydrocodone pills. However, hydrocodone is not most effective delivery method for hydrocodone, and hydrocodone is unlikely to get you high. What does hydrocodone do to you? When you inhale hydrocodone by it, small amounts of the drug enter the nasal . Hydrocodone is designed to be taken orally, as prescribed by a doctor; however, people who struggle with hydrocodone addiction may abuse the drug in other ways, it to smoke or snort the powder. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to death. First beforehand snort you a green monster zanny bar. You know the three milligram ones. Then hopefully you got the milligram hydros not those bullshits. So once you got that figured out just hold the pill with a tweezer then torch the pill and inhale the smoke. Simple as that. Careful though bro I have known people overdose this way.
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